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If you are looking for great weather all year round, then Bonita Springs just may be the place for you.  With sunny skies, warm temperatures, and great beaches, it is no wonder it is a popular vacation destination. This page lists the current weather conditions, historic data, and fun facts.

The average monthly temperatures for Bonita Springs, FL are as follows:

Month/Temperature High Low
January 75 53
February 76 54
March 79 58
April 83 62
May 87 67
June 90 72
July 91 73
August 91 73
September 90 73
October 87 68
November 82 62
December 77 56

Fun Bonita Springs weather facts:

  • The warmest overall month is July, while the coolest month is January.
  • According to, the lowest temperature ever recorded was 26°F back in 1982, while the highest was 99°F in 1986 (for some reason I feel like this number should be higher).
  • Bonita Springs also gets its highest average precipitation in June.
  • It is the northernmost city on Florida’s west coast with a tropical climate.